When there’s a trouble in your IT environment, you don’t want to waste time imagining what could possibly be the problem. You want to make one call to get things running again. We’re that call. With our Managed Services, we further enhance value to you with a complete peace of mind.

Our Live Service Desk can walk you through most problems. All of our consultants complete rigorous training programs and are well aligned with industry best practices. We guarantee you will receive an IT consultant with the skills necessary to solve your problem.

Our Emergency Response Team handles your crisis situations, like disaster recovery. Nobody wants to think about what happens when disaster strikes, which is why, long before any crisis occurs, we thoroughly develop business continuity plans so that your business continues to operate under adverse conditions. Our response is instantaneous and comprehensive. Our IT consultants’ skills ensure that each exceeds the capabilities necessary to respond to your emergency. Whether the trouble occurs on-site or in the cloud, we work with you non-stop to keep your business running.

With Managed Services, prior to onboarding, our architects will understand your business and risk appetite, and design a cost effective solution to be managed under our care. We tailor solutions ranging from small to large enterprises guaranteed with system uptime of up to 99.999%. Whether it be your desktops, servers or networks, you have the peace of mind with our Managed Services.

But Pinnacle supports your business in other, quieter ways every day.

– On-site staff. Pinnacle can send a technician to your offices to help with specific projects or to regularly maintain your system. Whether you need to migrate your database from an old system to a new one, or simply provide scheduled maintenance on your machines, we’ll be right there by your side.

– Cloud services. There’s a reason everybody’s talking about the cloud these days: certain components of your IT systems may be more efficient operating on someone else’s servers. But how can you safeguard your data and systems if you send it out to the cloud? Pinnacle can help you shift appropriate pieces of your system safely to the cloud, and continue to support your operation there. With Pinnacle, you’ll never have to hunt around, trying to figure out which cloud-based systems are best for you. Call us and we’ll bring the cloud to you.

If you already use cloud services, Pinnacle can help you get the most of what you pay for. We work in all the cloud-based systems, helping your business to keep running when the cloud gets complicated.

“By outsourcing our IT department to Pinnacle we were able to attract a higher caliber staff at a lower cost. It also has given us flexibility on the staffing quantity, qualifications and coverage.”

-Nursing Home Adminstrator